Three Variations of the Squat Exercise For Older Adults

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Standing up and down from a chair, aka ‘squatting,’ is one of the most functional exercises our bodies perform on a day-to-day basis. This is an important movement to learn with great quality, strength, endurance, and power, as it is so critical to our lives […]

4 Exercise Myths for Older Adults

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We can all agree that movement becomes more challenging over time. Toddlers and young children seem like they can play for hours on end, teenagers and young adults are in the prime of their sports careers, and those in middle adulthood may pick up a favorite yoga or cycling […]

FOOSH! Here Is How You Can Prevent a Fall

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“F.O.O.S.H.” is a fun word to say, but it actually stands for a “Fall On an Outstretched Hand.” When a loss of balance occurs, it is a normal response to reach out towards a stabilizing surface to try and catch yourself. However, the impact through the upper body can […]

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