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Meet Our Dream Team

MovementX staff members are here to ensure the best possible experience on both sides of the treatment table.

Dr. Josh D'Angelo, MovementX Physical Therapist and Chief Executive Officer in Alexandria, Virginia

Josh D’Angelo, PT, DPT
Chief Executive Officer
Arlington, VA
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World Traveler, Big Thinker

Dr. Keaton Ray MovementX Physical Therapist and Chief People Officer in Portland, Oregon

Keaton Ray, PT, DPT
Chief Operations Officer
Portland, OR
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Corgi-Lover, House Plant Junkie, Hot Sauce Aficionado

Scott McAfee Physical Therapist and Chief Marketing Officer with MovementX Physical Therapy in Washington DC Headshot

Scott McAfee, PT, DPT
Chief Marketing Officer
Washington, DC
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Running Addict, Sports Fanatic, Frequent Flyer

Dr. Fred Gilbert, Physical therapist and Chief People Officer with MovementX in Washington, DC

Fred Gilbert, PT, DPT
Chief People Officer
Washington, DC
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Fantasy Novel Expert, Data Geek

Mandy Teng Talent Acquisition Lead MovementX Physical Therapy Headshot

Mandy Teng
Talent Acquisition
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
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Dinosaur Lover, Personality Quiz Junkie, Animal Rescuer

Theresa Nelson MovementX Physical Therapy Headshot

Theresa Nelson
Customer Success Team
Vienna, VA
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Pickup Volleyball Player, Winery Enthusiast, Avid Reader

Mohamed Mohamed Developer MovementX Physical Therapy Headshot

Mohamed Mohamed
Software Engineering
Portland, OR
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Tech Enthusiast, Hip Hop Fanatic, Basketball Fan

John Huang Physical Therapist MovementX Physical Therapy Headshot

John Huang, PT, DPT
New Market Lead
Orange County, CA
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Record Spinner, Climbing Enthusiast, Star Wars Superfan

Kirsten Kupras, PT
Community Lead
Portland, OR
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Trail Runner, Wanderlust, Passionately Plant Based

Meredith Black
AgeProof Your Body Co-Lead
Arlington, VA
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Fitness Fanatic, Super Auntie of 14, Outdoor Adventurer

James McAfee Physical Therapist MovementX Physical Therapy Headshot

James McAfee, PT, DPT
AgeProof Your Body Co-Lead
Seattle, WA
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Running Enthusiast, Spreadsheet Nerd, Board Gamer

Bianca Diaz Medical Billing and Insurance Coordinator for MovementX Physical Therapy Headshot

Bianca Diaz
Billing Manager
Omaha, NE
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Gym-Goer, Animal Lover, Book Fanatic

Valerie Rucker-Bussie MovementX Physical Therapy Headshot PREP Physical Rehab Exposure Program

Valerie Rucker-Bussie
PREP Program Director
Washington, DC
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Avid Traveler, Lover of Life, Yogi

Shira Racoosin Physical Therapist MovementX Physical Therapy Headshot

Shira Racoosin
MX Coach
Washington, DC
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Hooper, Crossword Aficionado, At-Home Mixologist

Mackenzie Van Loo
Bend Community Builder
Bend, OR
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Pelvic Health Geek, Veggie Garden Freak, Hobbit Chic

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