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Design the PT Career of Your Dreams at MovementX

MovementX is hiring passionate physical therapists who want more flexibility, earning potential, and fulfillment in their careers.

Design the PT Career of Your Dreams at MovementX

MovementX is hiring passionate physical therapists who want more flexibility, earning potential, and fulfillment in their careers.

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Reignite Your PassionReclaim Your TimeRediscover Your Career

Rediscover Your Career

Productivity standards, declining reimbursements, and administrative burden are burning out great PTs in traditional clinic settings.

At MovementX, we believe physical therapists deserve more—more flexibility, autonomy, income, and job satisfaction.

Scroll down to discover why our growing community is considered “the future of physical therapy.”


We’re Looking for the Nation’s Best PTs

MovementX is hiring physical therapists all over the United States. If you’re located in one of our growing markets listed here, we strongly encourage you to learn more and apply to join our passionate and driven team.


Moving Beyond the Traditional PT Mill

MovementX was originally founded by four physical therapists who believed in a better way of caring for their patients. Today and every day, our nationwide organization remains values-driven to empower PTs to practice at the top of their game.

MovementX was founded by a group of passionate physical therapists who believed there had to be a better way to provide care. Frustrated with the traditional healthcare system’s limitations, they set out to create a more effective and compassionate approach. By prioritizing both patient and provider needs, they aimed to transform lives through movement. Read More About Our Founding Story.

At MovementX, our mission is to help people move their best so they can live their best. We believe that movement is the most important commodity in our lives—it’s how we walk, work, love, play, and live. If you’re empowered with the autonomy, tools, and resources to practice at your best, we can help more people move and live at their best.

Together, we are pursuing a vision of 100 Thrive In ’25to have over 100 physical therapists thriving in their careers by the end of 2025.

  • 100 speaks to the breadth of how large we envision our community growing. With over 100 providers around the country, we can truly make the positive impact we seek to make on society.
  • Thrive speaks to the depth of how empowered our community feels. To us, thriving is the opposite of burnout. We want all MX providers to feel fired up, confident, fulfilled, and happy.
  • In ’25 gives us a target to aim our efforts. If we can achieve this vision by the end of 2025, what will we be able to accomplish after that? Opportunity abounds.

Read more about our vision.

At MovementX, our four core values drive everything we do.

  1. Empathy: We always strive to understand and address the needs of others with compassion.
  2. Kaizen: The philosophy of continuous improvement, Kaizen ensures we are always evolving and getting better. This is also our annual theme for 2024!
  3. Passion x Purpose: When a deep desire to excel is intentionally aimed in a focused direction, impactful and meaningful change becomes possible.
  4. Community: Empowering each other through mentorship, collaboration, and a shared commitment to transforming lives through movement lies at the heart of our work.

Our culture is built on upon a shared commitment to what’s listed above. We believe in leading with love, striving for excellence, and always seeking to empower and inspire those around us. Our culture deck, known as The MX Way, guides our everyday actions and ensures we create a positive impact.


What People Love About MovementX

As a MovementX provider, you enjoy all of the perks of running your own practice—without the headaches.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

MovementX providers rave about their careers on Glassdoor.

Deliver Great Care. Live Your Best Life.

Let’s make sure MovementX is the perfect fit for your PT career goals. Click the link below to book a chat with our team.


How MovementX Works

Learn more about the many ways MovementX is changing the game.

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MovementX Company Overview

MovementX’s mission is to help people move their best so they can live their best. Our long-term vision is to create a world healed by movement, where nobody is limited by pain or injury. For physical therapists, we want to be people’s “forever job” where 100 thriving PTs are empowered to practice at their absolute best. We don’t believe in double-booked appointments, productivity standards, life-draining admin work, undervalued salaries, or 10 hour days—we created a better way.

Our four core values are Empathy, Passion x Purpose, Kaizen, and Community (we’ll quiz you later). These values guide our daily actions and decision-making, ensuring we deliver the best care possible. Importantly, they’re also things we look for in applicants. We believe that as a values-driven organization, we can achieve things other companies cannot.

At MovementX, we believe that empowered providers empower their patients. We ensure our therapists have everything they need to succeed, offering all the benefits of owning your own practice without the headaches. With industry-leading compensation, comprehensive benefits, and unparalleled support, you can excel and practice at the top of your license. Without MovementX, doing this on your own usually takes several years, loads of money, and lots of trial and error—and it can feel lonely. Learn more about how we’re different.

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Application and Hiring Process

If you’re intrigued and think MovementX may be a perfect fit for you, we encourage you to either submit an application or schedule a discovery call to learn more.

From there, we’ll guide you through 2 rounds of interviews so we can get to know each other better. At this point, the goal of our hiring process is to ensure that if you decide to join MovementX, you’ll be 100% confident that you can achieve your goals and design the PT career of your dreams. You’ll also have the chance to connect with a current MovementX provider to ask more questions.

If the stars align and you accept your official job offer, then the fun begins!

MovementX seeks job applicants who share our 4 core values. We also look for providers who have consistent referral sources, strong accountability, and exceptional communication skills. Out-of-network experience is not necessary, but you must be able to confidently speak to the value of your services and answer common questions around price or insurance. Ideally, you live and practice in one of our existing locations, but we do hire go-getters who are willing to grow a new region of operation. For more info, take our readiness quiz or scroll all the way down in the checklist section near the bottom of this page.

We know MovementX isn’t for everyone. It’s not easy at first. But if you’re committed to developing your skills and being hired as the next MovementX provider, then we have several free resources and trainings for you. Diversifying your referral sources, expanding your professional network, and sharpening your marketing skills are going to be valuable no matter what you do. Those are exactly the things you can find on this website and on social media.

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Compensation and Benefits

Full-time W2 employees at MovementX receive comprehensive benefits, including paid time off, health insurance, 401(k) plans, and stipends for equipment. When you first start, we know money can be tight and unpredictable—that’s why we also offer an initial base salary, which guarantees a comfortable income until your caseload grows to a self-sustaining level. We’re rolling out even more benefits throughout 2024.

There is no other company where a PT can take home 6-figure salary/earnings treating 4 sessions/day (if you know of one, please contact us). How is this possible? The unfortunate thing about traditional PT clinics is that after paying utilities, rent, admin costs, and executive salaries, you’re only taking home 15-30% of what you bill out. At MovementX, you set your own rate, take home 60% in your pocket, and the rest goes toward empowering you to grow caseload and maintain your success (benefits, more streamlined operations, efficient marketing, software, and of course, taxes).

Physical therapists deserve to be paid more at MovementX than anywhere else (when we held up this sign at the 2023 CSM conference in Boston, a lot of people agreed). Once that priority is met, the rest of income generated should go toward other business priorities, like fostering community, amplifying marketing efforts, and improving the patient experience. Notably, our philosophy of financial transparency helps every MXer see and understand how every dollar is spent. Learn more.

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Patient Care and Treatment

Our clinics have no walls. MovementX providers can treat patients at their homes, at our clinics, in office buildings, gyms, or virtually. We operate in several locations around the United States and ensure safety & liability coverage for all providers. To minimize drive time for mobile sessions, most providers set a 20-30 minute maximum travel radius.

We treat pretty much all types of patient populations. MovementX providers are specialists in orthopedics, sports, neuro, pediatrics, geriatrics, vestibular rehab, pelvic health, and amputee rehab. One thing that most MXers rave about is being able to focus on treating their favorite patient populations—whether that’s runners, dancers, active older adults, CrossFit athletes, kids, new moms, or busy professionals.

Most care at MovementX is out-of-network, but we do accept workers’ compensation claims, motor vehicle accident insurance, and manage several direct-to-employer contracts. We provide extensive administrative support, including help with insurance (direct billing, authorizations, claims, and questions), intake communication, and tech support. Don’t have any out-of-network experience as a physical therapist? Don’t worry, our resources, coaching, and onboarding process are all designed to help you sharpen your skills.

Pssh… no way! There are no productivity requirements at MovementX. Our focus is on delivering high-quality care and achieving your personal and professional goals. If you’re not meeting the weekly treatment goals you set upon getting hired, you’ve got a team to help. Everything at MovementX exists to help you succeed, and we’ll help you tap into those resources and unlock your dream career. For more on our philosophy against productivity requirements, check out this article and part 2.

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Marketing and Caseload Building

When you set your caseload goal upon getting hired (usually around 20 sessions/week), you gain an entire team that’s here to help you achieve it. To build a steady stream of new patients, you’ll get to…

  • Meet with our in-house marketing team to identify your target patient populations.
  • Receive expert coaching to sharpen your networking skills.
  • Instantly publish an online profile page and optimize it for searchability.
  • Get tapped into our strong referral networks and existing partnerships.
  • Benefit from a strong online review generation and testimonial system.
  • Access a robust library of email templates and print materials to make it easier than ever to share engaging content.
  • Step into an existing ecosystem of automated patient email campaigns.
  • Get automatically listed on important digital directories like ZocDoc, Yelp, Google Business, and Bing Places to be discovered on the internet.

This list merely scratches the surface of what you’ll benefit from. On your own, it’s hard to become a busy, sought-after PT celebrity in your community. But with everything you’ll gain from MovementX, you’ll be up & running effectively towards your goals. Learn more about marketing at MovementX.

Whether you realize it or not, you are marketing every day. Helping a patient understand the importance of showing up to their next appointment, meeting with a local physician to share your expertise, or convincing a family friend to finally schedule a PT appointment—that’s all marketing. As physical therapists, we’re naturally skilled at building relationships. At MovementX, we’ll help you sharpen those skills even further. Learn more about the importance of marketing.

We understand that “marketing” may not be your initial strong suit (after all, we’re not selling used cars here), but we’ve seen how developing certain marketing skills and taking consistent weekly actions leads to quicker success. If you want more flexibility and higher earnings, we know exactly what it will take. That’s why during onboarding, you’ll outline a comprehensive marketing strategy that leverages your personal network and fosters new high-value connections. Ultimately, you’ll receive a proven checklist to work through that ultimately ensures a steady stream of new leads and new patients. Read more about the 14 ways marketing empowers you to succeed.

Doing everything listed on this page independently all on your own could take several years, loads of money, and a lot of struggle.

But with the strong ecosystem you’ll step into at MovementX, you’ll be up & running quickly and effectively. The exact length of time it takes to reach your caseload goals typically depends on several factors like location, your treatment specialty, and marketing efforts. That said, MovementX providers have built full 20 sessions/week caseloads in just a few weeks, whereas others have taken a few months. Years? Who has time for that?

Remember, as you’re building your initial caseload with MovementX, you’ll receive a comfortable base salary (exact amount depends on location). Once your caseload grows and you surpass this base salary, typically around 7-8 sessions/week, you’ll begin taking home the full commission amount based on the rate you set.

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Work Environment and Culture

Ahh… freedom. Let’s say you consistently see 20 patients per week and you take home a comfortable 6-figure salary. You manage your own schedule around your morning workouts and early evenings with your family. You schedule 4 mobile sessions near your home on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and you have 4 sessions at the nearby MovementX clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You start at 10am and end at 4pm. You’ll intentionally schedule marketing time that helps you maintain this caseload, like physician shadowing visits and networking meetings. Oh and on Friday, you’re going to a MovementX bbq (we hope you’re hungry).

When we say autonomy, we mean it. Yes, you have full autonomy to manage your schedule at MovementX. This includes flexibility for vacations, time off, family commitments, and other personal needs, allowing you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Prefer to take Thursdays off for your kids? Love it. Want to squeeze in extra earnings on the weekend? Deal. Need to move things around for an exciting networking opportunity? No problem. You’re in charge.

MovementX fosters camaraderie through regular social events, monthly team huddles featuring free lunch, and appreciation initiatives like free coffee days and annual awards. You can also opt into fun bi-weekly “donut” chats with a random MXer! You’ll often find MovementX providers joining each other at community service activities and sponsored athletic events. When all of your colleagues are your friends and true teammates, that’s when work feels like fun—a dream career.

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Technology and Resources

MovementX has a custom-built web platform for documentation, scheduling, and messaging. It is constantly refined and streamlined based on feedback to better suit your needs and save you time. Most providers can submit all of their weekly notes in just a few minutes. When everything is in-house, you won’t waste your time (or money) with other clunky softwares that get updated about every decade.

Yes! As a MovementX provider, you’ll enjoy various group discounts and perks, including professional development resources, equipment discounts and stipends, and wellness events. There have recently been so many discounts for equipment that we have to put together a booklet resource just to keep track of everything.

MovementX providers sometimes use telehealth to offer more flexible, convenient care to patients. Although virtual sessions make up less than 5% of all weekly sessions, some providers do enjoy using Zoom or Google Meet to see patients who live further away or who may just need a simple check-in. Some providers also get creative with virtual membership programs.

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Professional Development

Some people have called MovementX their “forever job.” That’s because your professional physical therapy goals are roadmapped to be accomplished. Whether it’s through continuous education opportunities, financial or caseload coaching, monthly huddle topics, or sponsored APTA events, we invest in your growth to ensure you excel in your career and provide the absolute best care to your patients. You’ll also see occasional fun things like free audiobooks or personality assessments to further enhance your professional journey.

MovementX offers various collaboration and mentorship opportunities, including one-on-one coaching, group mentoring sessions, and monthly huddles. However, by far the most active place for collaboration is within our Slack community. You can communicate with other MXers around the country in channels around clinical questions, leadership, marketing, equipment, and our favorite—gratitude. These channels teem with insights from our highly dedicated community.

Diversity is what makes MovementX strong. We are committed to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion not only within MovementX, but also within the physical therapy profession and health care sector. We’ve sponsored PREP (the Physical Rehab Exposure Program) to promote diversity in PT education and hosted huddles to learn from DEI experts. We continuously strive to create an inclusive environment where all voices are heard and valued. Our current workforce demographics are below.

A Week In The Life as a MovementX Provider

We are setting a new standard of work-life balance. Imagine having more time with your family, more time for your morning routine, and more time with your patients…. a perfect blend of professional fulfillment and personal freedom. Most MovementX providers see 20 patients per week and maintain a comfortable six-figure PT salary. Click here to read more about what your typical week might look like if you join MovementX.


Average Patients Seen Per Day


Annual Take Home Earnings


Average Hourly Rate Set


Thriving Providers in the US

Join a vibrant, values-driven community where passionate PTs collaborate, support each other, and make a real impact together.
Boost your professional presence, both in your community and online, with expert marketing support that creates a steady stream of new patients.
Enjoy the ability to manage your own schedule, set your own hourly rate, and balance your personal life and professional passions seamlessly.
Receive comprehensive benefits that prioritize your well-being, from PTO and equipment stipends to 401K plans and health insurance.
We're raising the bar for what's possible as a physical therapist—unlock endless opportunities for growth, mentorship, and career advancement.
Focus on what you love—treating patients—while we handle the admin work, insurance, billing, and customer questions with seamless efficiency.

Discover the MovementX Difference

As a MovementX provider, you’ll step into a thriving ecosystem where the ultimate goal is your success.

You’ll instantly receive the strong community support, marketing expertise, schedule flexibility, comprehensive benefits, and growth opportunities you need to thrive.

Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel—join MovementX and elevate your career with the best resources and support in the industry.

Check Out More Resources

Stay up-to-date with the latest cash pay PT content and career updates from MovementX. Click here to view more.

Elevate Your Physical Therapy Career

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

There’s no other place in PT that provides you the autonomy to be your own boss, choose your own schedule, and treat how you want, all while providing valuable infrastructure to serve your patients.

– Anonymous MovementX Provider on Glassdoor

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

As a part of MovementX, you are not just a physical therapist—you are part of a movement, a larger vision that is reshaping how healthcare is delivered.

– Anonymous MovementX Provider on Glassdoor

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This is the most incredible, people-first company I have ever been a part of. It allows me to bring the best version of myself to every session with patients, and then the best version of myself at home.

– Anonymous MovementX Provider on Glassdoor


Are You Ready to Join the Movement?

If you answer “Yes!” to all of the questions on the right, we encourage you to apply now. That simply gets you in touch with our team to chat more, but it could be one small step towards a big leap for your PT career. If you’re uncertain or want to find out more, take our readiness quiz.

  • Do you share our same values and love what we stand for?
  • Are you looking for more flexibility and fulfillment?

  • Is your ultimate goal to go all-in with MovementX?
  • Do you have consistent or high-potential referral sources?
  • Have you treated any out-of-network patients before?

  • Can you confidently communicate your value to patients?

  • Are you accountable, driven to succeed, and passionate?


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