The Top 10 Ways MovementX Helps PTs Market

The Top 10 Ways MovementX Helps PTs Market

Stepping Into a Strong Referral Flywheel


One of the most common questions we get from physical therapists considering a PT career at MovementX is—am I expected to market?

We shared answers to that question in these two articles: Part 1: The Why and Part 2: The How.

The next question that typically follows is: Do you send me patients?

Answering “Yes, absolutely!” would be an understatement!

Not only do we send you patients at MovementX, you are stepping into a robust referral flywheel and strong community that helps you succeed with the most flexible physical therapy job (and in our minds, the best physical therapy job) in the industry!

Imagine this…

  • When you are on your own, you have to play every position on the field. You are simultaneously the quarterback, running back, offensive line, wide receiver, the coach calling the plays… I could go on, but you get the picture!
  • When you join MovementX, you can play the position most suited to you, because we have STRONG players all around you.

In other words, you are stepping into a World Champion level system from day one.

While we could talk for days about all of the ways MovementX helps you market, here are the top 10 ways our Chief Marketing Officer wanted to highlight…


a movementx physical therapist conducting a subjective interview on a new senior female patient

1. Build Your Online Presence

  • We help you build out your MovementX profile with highly searchable, relevant information ensure that patients can easily find you online.


2. Get You Listed at the Top of Google

  • We add fuel to the fire of your online professional presence via our advanced Search Engine Optimization strategies. In other words, we make sure your MovementX profile ranks highly on Google, increasing your online visibility.

3. Run Paid Digital Ads on Your Behalf

  • We run targeted ads on platforms like Google, ZocDoc, and Yelp to drive new patients your way. Our in-house marketing team also manages these listings so you don’t have to, ensuring we are constantly optimizing and maximizing their performance.

4. Manage Your Potential Patients (Leads) Effectively

  • Our full-time Customer Success team ensures all of your patients can sign up smoothly, tracks your patients interested in their care, fosters and nurtures them, and more!
  • If your patients go unresponsive, they are automatically placed in a lead fostering communication campaign, so that we can stay in touch with them, offer them additional resources, and help convert them to your patients in the future.

5. Automate Email Campaigns For You

  • From there, we automate email communication campaigns to ensure they are ready for your care and well supported throughout their journey. They know they always have lines of support for anything and everything they need within the MovementX system!
  • We automate personalized email campaigns to nurture leads, follow-up with patients, and support every step of the patient journey.
  • Our campaigns were custom-designed by the collective input from our community of physical therapists. Sending a ton of emails is yet another thing you don’t have to worry about!


a movementx physical therapist providing shoulder treatment on a female patient in a bright clinic setting

6. Gather Online Reviews and Ratings

  • Satisfied patients will be automatically messaged to leave a positive review about their experience with you.
  • Our team responds to all reviews promptly and professionally to maintain a strong reputation and yet again, save you from having to do this yourself!


7. Organize and Promote Partnerships, Events, & Workshops

  • We help you organize and promote local events and workshops, providing all necessary legal paperwork and promotional materials.
  • Participate in and host events to increase your local presence and build relationships within your community.


8. Market On-the-Ground on Your Behalf

  • In each established region, our Community Builders are actively nourishing relationships with big referrers and marketing on your behalf!
  • Early in your journey, our Community Builders will also work hand-in-hand with you to do in person marketing together, building your comfort level and confidence!

9. Create and Send All Marketing Materials

  • Whether it’s business cards, flyers, digital content, or something else you can dream of, we will design, purchase, and send you any marketing material you’d like!

10. Develop Professional and Engaging Content

  • All MovementX journeys start with a professional photoshoot, so we can have great content to promote how amazing you are! From there, our full time Growth Marketer produces high-quality blogs, videos, and other content to attract new patients.
  • Our favorite thing is creating high-quality testimonial videos from your real patients to build further trust and credibility with other new patients.


two members of the movementx marketing team discussing best marketing strategies for physical therapists in a business setting

While that’s our top 10, we cannot help but list some honorable mentions. These include:

  • Maximizing social media engagement across Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Hosting and constantly updating an amazing online merch store.
  • Creating connections with our internal community to ensure our providers ar sending referrals to each other (and having fun ways to incentivize it).
  • Advising with the latest advice, shared tips, and breaking trends about the successful marketing strategies on our dedicated Slack channels, alongside our #marketing_mastermind and #marketing_feed teem with helpful information and resources.
  • Maintaining and adding hundreds of ready-to-use Canva Pro templates for creating professional marketing materials.
  • And of course crushing it at conferences to strengthen our brand!



Okay, whew! We know that’s a lot, but we also hope it proves the point that you are stepping into a strong andOk robust team that has every support possible.

And even if you find something that’s not supported, here’s the good news: we have a mindset of kaizen (in fact, it’s a core value of ours!) and are always improving the system. The best suggestions come from our internal community, so we are always open to adding more to our physical therapy marketing structure.

If this sounds like a structure you want to be part of, then we encourage you to apply today or schedule a discovery call to learn more.

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