Am I Expected to Market? — Part 2

Am I Expected to Market?

The Importance of Marketing in Physical Therapy

Part 2: The How

At MovementX, we have a unique take that promotes the best physical therapy job you can imagine—one that puts autonomy, flexibility, and transparency at the forefront of building a career you love.

Back in Am I expected to market? Part 1: The Why, we covered exactly why we believe it’s so important to become great at physical therapy marketing. Here in Part 2, we will cover some of the critical ingredients of how you are expected to market at MovementX.

Are most physical therapists who enter our model comfortable with marketing? Nope!

But are our providers capable of succeeding at marketing? Absolutely!

The key here is knowing physical therapy marketing at MovementX is flexible. We call this ‘structural flexibility.’ In other words, there’s a strong structure to lean on that guides us towards success, and we can flex off that structure when we need or want to do so.

Check out how it works as we work to create the best physical therapy job for you (and for that matter, for your family, too!).

MovementX Talent Acquisition lead, Mandy Teng, speaking to a group of providers at a networking event.

How It Works

At MovementX, we have built a passionate, purposeful, and proprietary physical therapy marketing engine. Between individual, location, and central marketing strategies, you are robustly supported to develop the caseload and career of your dreams. Here’s how you play into each step.



As an MX provider with the most flexible physical therapy job you can imagine, you are assigned to a coach who you meet with each and every week.

During coaching sessions, you will discuss best practices for marketing cash based physical therapy services and create a game plan for the week ahead. From workshops, to MovementX’s ‘30 for 30’s,’ to building rapport with physicians, you will have a bank of tried and true strategies to choose from.

Since we have been doing this for a long time, we have tried a lot that has worked really well, and we have tried a lot that has not worked so well.

Once we know what type of strategies you prefer, we will:

  • Work with you to establish a marketing plan that captures your passion, sets a strong direction, and we are confident will work!
  • Guide you towards the activities we have seen success with time and again.
  • Guide you away from the activities that we have never seen succeed in the past.
    • That being said, if you feel passionately about doing something we have seen no success with previously, you should still try it. Whether you succeed or fail, we will learn together—that’s kaizen in action!

The best part about this: Creating a plan that you love, which makes work feel like play.

For example, say you are a CrossFitter. One of your strategies will most definitely be spending time at your CrossFit gym, something you’d likely do for fun anyways!


A group of MovementX providers sitting on a treatment table in a home, laughing and chatting.

You + MX = Success

There is only one thing MovementX cannot recreate for you when it comes to marketing—in person, on the ground time with the referral sources and communities you want to build relationships with as part of your network.

Anything else you could possibly need is at your fingertips, ready to be handed to you by MX central. Whether that’s business cards, flyers, an online presence, legal paperwork for an event, promotion for a workshop, or more—we got you!

This is one of the many reasons we are known to have one of the most flexible physical therapy jobs in the industry.


Will MovementX Send Me Patients?

On that note, we often get the question, do you send me patients too? Definitely!

An ideal caseload in our minds would be 50% generated by the provider and 50% generated by MovementX. The reality is that sometimes it’s 70/30 and other times it’s 30/70, depending on a multitude of factors.

For example, if you are in a brand new market, it can be more challenging for MX central to immediately send patients, whereas if you are in a market where MX already has a deep and broad presence, MX could fill most of your caseload.

That being said, MovementX is consistently working on its digital strategies to help patients find you online and seamlessly sign up for your care.

Here are just a few of the ways MX is hard at work to help patients find you:

  • A robust Search Engine Optimization effort (so patients see us on google), with a team dedicated to improving it.
  • Provider Profile Optimization
  • Digital Advertisements, such as google ads and ZocDoc profiles
  • Community Builders in each established market designed to deepen and broaden our presence
  • Patient Tracking, Nurturing, and Fostering, both manually (our MX Concierge Services talks to them on the phone and text them!) and via an automated email campaign
  • Automated Patient Email Campaigns to support the patient journey through care and staying in touch with the patient after they wrap up…

…And that just scratches the surface of what we do! Every day, every minute, the MX team is working to uplift each other and ensure you feel you have the best physical therapy job possible.


MovementX Provider Jose Reyna, PT, DPT working on his laptop in a chair at home.


Is marketing a tough skillset to learn? It can be, but as the saying goes, the things in life most worth doing are rarely easy. Not to mention, there is a strong team to support you every step of the day.

Most cash based physical therapists who start marketing in an area of passion find it rewarding, engaging, and fun.

When done well, rather than being another task a provider dreads, it becomes one of many diverse ways to express your creativity and passion.

And here’s what we know—as a professional physical therapist, you are absolutely capable of succeeding in the marketing world.

At MovementX, we are fans of pursuing the potential held within each of our providers, so you can bring your whole selves to work every day. Multiply your innate potential by MovementX’s supportive community, and new futures can be built.

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