Marketing at MovementX

Marketing at MovementX

Build a Career You Love

MovementX has created an industry-leading process and support system to help you build the physical therapy job of your dreams.

We have written a lot about marketing at MovementX. This page is meant to give you a broad overview of the many marketing structures we’ve designed to ensure you succeed and reach your goals.

Our team feels the impact of these systems every day. Check it out below! 👇

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9 Ways We Support Your Success

We believe that empowered providers empower their patients. That is why we have robust marketing systems to send you patients and support every opportunity you would like to explore. From interview insights to direct employer contracts, explore how these seven key areas ensure your success and fulfillment as a cash-based physical therapist.


1. Our Interview Process

The interview process is designed to offer you value and set the stage for your integrated cash-based PT marketing plan. Regardless of the outcome, you’ll find the interview process thought provoking and valuable. You can learn more about it here.


2. Caseload Coaching

As a new MovementX physical therapist, you will meet with your MX Coach weekly. Initial coaching sessions focus on:

  • Taking great care of your active patients
  • Discussing past patients
  • Setting the week’s action steps based on our best practice formula
  • Getting comfortable in a cash-based physical therapy environment
  • Touching base on any special topics


3. Individual Marketing

All MovementX providers are guided into individual marketing best practices and supported by the entire MX team. The efforts focus on ingraining you into community and building your network of high powered referrers, setting the stage for powerful interdisciplinary care. Everything you need to do this effectively is supported by the MX community.


4. Location Marketing

At MovementX, you are part of a powerful community. You will work directly with our Community Builders to market your cash-based physical therapy services in your region. Simultaneously, Community Builders will work for you to maintain and deepen relationships with referrers, support your events, and build new relationships.


5. Central Marketing

MovementX staff is devoted to helping you market. From making sure it’s easy to find you online as an expert cash-based PT, to supplying you with every marketing material you could imagine, to directly sending you patients, our marketing team and entire community are here to support you every step of the way. Learn more about the top 10 ways MovementX helps you with marketing.


6. Insurance Support

The biggest question you will get in the out of network world as a cash pay physical therapist is, “Do you take my insurance?” At MovementX, we have robust resources to ensure you are well equipped—including staff to verify insurance and help fight superbills—and offloaded from insurance or other admin burdens as much as possible. Read more about how we operate with insurance.


7. Direct to Employer Contracts

MovementX has established numerous direct to employer contracts where you can maintain your cash-based physical therapy rate and provide on-site services. As your caseload grows, opportunities are explored to plug you into existing contracts or find additional contracts that suit your interests.


8. The Fundamental Four

As an MXer, you will work with your MX Coach to master the Fundamental Four of cash-based physical therapy—4 essential skill sets that will keep your patient caseloads full in the short, medium, and long term.


9. The Community

MovementX is proud to boast a strong internal referral community. When another MX provider in your area is unable to see referred patients, they will turn to you to send referrals your way, building an internal network of incredible cash-based physical therapists.


The MovementX team with Portland Oregon providers at a holiday party.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Provider Testimonial on Glassdoor

“MovementX does incredibly well in fostering an environment of autonomy, flexibility, and empowerment for its therapists.

Their business model allows therapists to set their own schedule, work from various locations including patients’ homes, clinics, and even virtually—a perfect blend of convenience and work-life balance.

The earning potential is substantial, with therapists often reaching six-figure incomes treating 20 patients per week.

Yet, what sets MovementX apart is the strong sense of community and support every team member receives. With a clear vision and focus on the lifestyle of its therapists and staff, the company is not just interested in providing great care, but in making a significant impact on society’s health.

As a part of MovementX, you are not just a physical therapist; you are part of a movement, a larger vision that is reshaping how healthcare is delivered and valued. For any physical therapist who is eager to grow, innovate, and make a difference, MovementX is the ideal place to be.”


MovementX Provider Suzanne Cowan treating a patient on a treatment table in Washington, D.C.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing


Does MovementX send me patients?

Absolutely—because we know you’ll take great care of them! Our goal is to help you achieve your caseload goals and maintain the PT career of your dreams. While we expect your active involvement in marketing, MovementX heavily invests over $500/provider/month in patient acquisition through mentorship, marketing materials, SEO, email campaigns, workshops, and more. The only thing we can’t centralize is the exceptional care you provide and the relationships you build! You can read more about marketing expectations here.


How many patients do I find versus how many does MovementX send me?

It depends on the situation! In an ideal world, we aim for 50% by MX + 50% by the provider—that’s a true partnership. Providers actively marketing also helps strengthen local community presence, ensures they build a caseload of their preferred patient population, and develops strong communication with referrers. If you are concerned about patient referral generation, we are happy to discuss further during your discovery call and interview process. Let’s build the best physical therapy job together!


Will I market by myself or with others?

At MovementX, one of our core values is community. In other words, you are never alone! All new providers will be supported by their coach and will perform co-marketing activities with their local Community Builder, who is an expert in marketing for physical therapy and has many local relationships. In addition, all marketing activities are supported by MX Central, and group activities are held at least quarterly, which often involve some degree of physical therapy marketing.


Are all MX providers required to market?

Yes, marketing is essential to building a flexible and fulfilling PT career. There are a few big reasons we think knowing how to market is important, and they center around helping you build a life as a flexible physical therapist with a day-to-day experience you love. You can read more about what exactly is expected, and why, here.


What happens if I don’t succeed with marketing?

Another one of our four core values is Kaizen, the process of continuous improvement. If marketing efforts fall short, we reflect, learn, and try again. We believe in your potential and support your development in marketing skills over time.


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