A Week in the Flexible Life of a MovementX Provider

A Week in the Flexible Life of a MovementX Provider

At MovementX, we believe in empowering physical therapists with the flexibility and autonomy they need to thrive personally and professionally. Say goodbye to the restrictive in-clinic model and hello to a flexible, fulfilling, and fun physical therapy career. Here’s a glimpse into what your week could look like as a MovementX physical therapist!


MovementX Provider and CEO, Josh D'Angelo, PT, DPT knocking on the door of a patient at their home.

Monday: Easing into the Week

8:00 AM: Wake up leisurely, brew your favorite coffee, and take a moment to enjoy the start of your week. Spend some time reading the MX Weekly email newsletter—sent every Monday morning by our CEO—to stay updated on company news and upcoming events.

9:00 AM: Planning Time! Last week, you finalized this week’s schedule of 20 sessions, which is excitingly the first time you’ve reached this goal! Today, you’ve got a light day with just 3 patients, so you spend a bit of time preparing your personalized treatment plans for the day.

10:00 AM: Head out for your first session of the day, which is at your patient’s home about 15 minutes away. You listen to your favorite podcast on the way there, have a great session, and even get to pet your patient’s new puppy before leaving.

11:30 AM: You have 2 more great in-home PT sessions, one with a runner experiencing Achilles tendonitis, and the other with a new mom looking to improve postpartum strength and function. You remember how much you love treating these types of patients!

2:00 PM: Your 3 sessions are all wrapped up, and you grab some lunch on your way back home. Back on your couch, you catch up on Slack messages with the MovementX community… chatting about interesting patient cases, responding to marketing questions, and reading some gratifying patient success stories.

3:30 PM: Use the rest of the afternoon for some personal time—whether it’s reading, a hobby, or catching up on your favorite show. Your alarm then goes off… time to walk your daughter home from school and enjoy a relaxing Monday evening.


Tuesday: Partner-Powered Day

8:00 AM: Head to your partner location for a full morning of treatments. Thanks to your efficient scheduling, you’re treating 4 patients back-to-back in the private treatment space in their gym.

12:30 PM: After the last treatment, you join a workout class at the partner location. You know it’s a great way to build relationships within their community while staying active. We’re a movement company, after all!

2:00 PM: Settle into a local coffee shop next door. Enjoy a delicious latte while you complete your documentation and follow up communication. After seeing an email from Thursday’s patient who wants to reschedule to next week, you quickly fill that Thursday opening from your waitlist. Gotta hit that goal!

2:30 PM: Join your Location-Based Team Huddle via Zoom. These quick 30-minute meetings are a fantastic way to stay connected with your local MX team and share updates. You hear that the MovementX marketing team is looking for someone to write a blog article for runners, which will be promoted on social media, online, and email newsletters.

3:00 PM: Eager to have more new patients discover you online, you utilize a MovementX blog template to write up an article, “Stride with Strength: Top 5 Exercises Every Runner Should Know.” You email it off and celebrate with your local MX team on Slack!

4:00 PM: Wrap up your day feeling accomplished and ready for some well-deserved R&R.


MovementX provider Chris MonPere, PT, DPT in his partner location, ready for a physical therapy session.

Wednesday: Treat & Connect

8:00 AM: Begin your morning with a quick stop at your favorite coffee shop to plan your day, then you’re off to treat 4 mobile patient visits. Each session is a chance to make a real difference in someone’s life, especially with the time you can devote to them!

1:00 PM: Grab lunch at your favorite sandwich shop with a friend who happens to be in town.

2:00 PM: Spend the afternoon shadowing a local physician. This is a prime opportunity to not only enhance your skills but also to build a stronger referral relationship. Engaging with the physician, discussing patient care strategies, and demonstrating your expertise fosters mutual respect and trust, encouraging them to refer even more patients to you in the future.

4:00 PM: Return home and spend some time reflecting on your shadowing experience. Determined to strengthen your professional network, you text your latest blog article to a few local personal trainers, running shoe store owners, and other physicians you’re close with.

4:30 PM: Gear up for tonight’s club softball game with a few friends!


Thursday: Change It Up

7:00 AM: Start your day with a quick workout to energize yourself. MovementX supports you in all Five Domains of Wellness!

8:00 AM: Treat 3 patients at your nearby partner location. The familiar environment always allows you to provide consistent and high-quality care. Your last patient is doing super well, and they say they’re going to leave you a 5-star review on Google. Hooray!

12:00 PM: Tune into your mid-day Donut Chat—a fun, informal way to connect with a fellow MX teammate, share stories, and get some laughs in!

12:30 PM: Before you leave for your afternoon session, you send off some check-in emails to former patients who haven’t had a session in a while. Time to fill up next week’s schedule!

1:00 PM: Your 4th and last session of the day is a success (this was the patient who squeezed into that Thursday opening). You’re able to help them set up their work-from-home desk for optimal posture. Ahh, the magic of treating someone in their own environment!

3:00 PM: Use the afternoon for personal time or professional development. Maybe you’ll join a MovementX Skills Session or Focus Forum to further hone your clinical expertise!

4:00 PM: Get ready for date night!


A close up of a MovementX provider treating a patient in their home.

Friday: That’s a Wrap!

9:00 AM: Start the day with 2 patient visits—the final sessions of the week. You’ll officially hit your weekly goal of 20 sessions for the first time. Boom! Both sessions go smoothly.

12:00 PM: Pick up lunch, compliments of MovementX ahead of any monthly Community Huddle meeting. You look forward to today’s focus on Financial Transparency and Maximizing Your Earning Potential.

1:30 PM: Spend the afternoon on some quick admin tasks. You complete your remaining documentation easily using the streamlined MovementX tech platform, and also ensure that everyone is effectively scheduled for next week.

3:00 PM: Cha-ching! You just received your bi-weekly paycheck in your direct deposit, adding a little extra joy at the end of a successful week! You’re on your way to earning a healthy 6-figure PT salary treating 20 sessions/week.

4:00 PM: Get ready for happy hour to celebrate a fun and fulfilling week!


Saturday & Sunday: Recharge and Refresh

MovementX encourages taking the weekend off to recharge. Use this time to relax, pursue hobbies and travel, and spend quality time with family and friends.


A subset of the MovementX Orange County, California providers enjoying a day at the beach on the weekend.

Why MovementX is the Most Flexible Physical Therapy Job

In short, MovementX believes that you should fill your life with activities you love to do.

See something in the schedule above that really excites you? Then let’s find a way for you to do more of that!

Alternatively, see something in the schedule above that doesn’t fully fit your lifestyle or desires? The beautiful part about having such a flexible physical therapy job—make a change! In the MovementX model, you can design your dream life and how work fits into that plan.

MovementX has no interest in controlling your time; rather, we do encourage using your time wisely, in ways that fire you up. After all, time is your most valuable resource!


OK, But What’s the Catch?

During the interview process, we often hear the question, ‘It sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?!”

To which we respond, “We don’t think there is one!”

If anything, sometimes it might be learning new skills (let’s face it- most of the world isn’t used to completely controlling their own schedule), focusing more on your ideal patient population, or having conversations about our out of network model.

We also encourage you to talk to our current providers, so much so that we bake it into the interview process to be sure you do. We tell our providers: tell the good, the bad, the ugly! We want you to know it all before jumping in.

Curious? Apply Now or Schedule a Discovery Call to learn more!



Working with MovementX offers you unparalleled freedom and autonomy in your PT career.

Each week is a blend of patient care, professional development, and community building, all within a schedule and team that supports a healthy work-life balance.

It’s a perfect environment for anyone looking to elevate their practice and thrive in their life.

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