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About the Author: Meg Pezzino, PT, DPT

Meg Pezzino is a physical therapist and board certified running specialist in Northern Virginia with MovementX.

Unlocking Your Running Potential—MovementX Complete Run Analysis

Running is not just about putting one foot in front of the other. It’s a dynamic and complex activity that engages various muscles and joints in your body.

To become a better runner and reduce the risk of injuries, it’s essential to analyze and understand your running form.

MovementX’s 120 minute complete run analysis will help you discover areas of improvement in your run, not only improving run efficiency but helping you move well, run well, and live well.

In this article, we’ll explore why a run analysis with a physical therapist who specializes in running is so beneficial, the tools and techniques used, and how it can help you become a more efficient and injury-resistant runner.


The Importance of Running Analysis

Injury Prevention

Many running injuries are a result of poor running form or biomechanics. Our Complete Run Analysis helps you identify these issues early, allowing you to make necessary adjustments and avoid injuries. By breaking down your run form, we can fix the root causes of your running injuries and help you determine how to run with proper form.

Performance Enhancement

Efficient running form can improve your running economy, helping you run faster and longer with less effort. Our Complete Run Analysis highlights areas for improvement by making sure you use the correct muscles, have appropriate joint range of motion and form, and you are using the right cues to help you run better than ever.

Customized Training Plans

By understanding your unique running form, we will tailor your training program to address weaknesses and maximize strengths, leading to fewer injuries, as well as faster and more fun runs.


MovementX running specialist meg pezzino performing a complete running assessment in a runner's home in arlington virginia

Tools and Techniques for Run Analysis

Musculoskeletal Examination

Your running physical therapist will take a detailed history and discuss your personalized goals. Next, they will perform a comprehensive and personalized evaluation of your range of motion, strength, balance and movement patterns.

Movement Analysis

Movement analysis involves watching you perform functional movements (i.e squats, balance, single leg squats, etc) to determine how your body moves in all three planes of movement. This can give us crucial information about your body’s strength, range of motion, balance and proprioception which directly applies to patterns in your run form.

Footwear Analysis

The type of running shoes you wear greatly affect your running form. We will take a look at your foot type, strength and range of motion as well as your foot strike in your run to determine if you are in the right shoe. If further analysis into the correct shoe is warranted, your PT may suggest our “Perfect Shoe Fit” option at a local running shoe store

Run Video Analysis

Recording your runs from different angles allows for a detailed visual assessment of your running form. Key factors to focus on include cadence, posture, stride length, footstrike, and arm movement. Physical therapists who specialize in running will take video of three views of your run, break down your run form and provide you with the tools to correct your form. This could be on or off a treadmill depending on your preference and where you prefer to run your miles. If necessary, a video of your run barefoot may also be recorded.

Run Retraining

Now the fun begins! Running analysis and retraining is like an onion that we have to take apart, and then rebuild. This is where we put together all of the pieces from your musculoskeletal evaluation and your video run analysis to help you get back to running your best, correcting and/or preventing injury and running efficiently.


a runner at the starting line on a local track in fairfax virginia

Benefits of Regular Run Analysis

  • Injury Reduction: Identifying and addressing form issues early can prevent injuries and allow you to run pain-free for longer.
  • Performance Gains: Improving your running form can lead to better race times and increased endurance.
  • Enhanced Awareness: Regularly analyzing your runs increases your awareness of your body and its movements while running, allowing you to make real-time adjustments.
  • Longevity: By running more efficiently and with better form, you can enjoy a longer and healthier running career.


The Ultimate Deliverable

After your Complete Run Analysis is finished, you will receive detailed follow up from your physical therapist that evaluates your form and compares it to the most efficient runners we have seen. Included will be a personalized program of the specific exercises recommended to improve your run, setting you up to minimize your injury risk and optimize your performance.

Your Partner in Running

At MovementX, we believe the best healthcare relationships are long term. After your Complete Run Analysis, treat your Doctor of Physical Therapy like a friend. We love hearing success stories, modifying and progressing programming, and managing issues after they arise. When you get to your running physical therapist quickly, it’s easier to solve the problem (try not to wait years!). Please keep us informed as you progress!



Run analysis is a valuable tool for runners of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to prevent injuries or an experienced runner aiming to optimize performance, understanding your running form is essential. With the right tools and techniques, and by seeking expert advice when needed, you can unlock your running potential and achieve your goals while staying injury-free. So, grab your running shoes, start recording your runs, and embark on a journey to become a better, more efficient runner. Happy running!


About the Author

Dr. Meg Pezzino is a physical therapist in Northern Virginia with MovementX. As a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy with over 14 years of experience, she loves helping runners stay healthy, fast, and injury-free. She offers a suite of specialized physical therapy services for runners, including shoe fitting, slow motion gait analysis, and more.

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