As a MovementX employee, you can:

  • Enjoy Autonomy
    • We will never tell you where to be or what to do. When we decide to collaborate with you, we do so because we know you are at the top of your game and that you have a growth mindset! We trust you with the freedom to treat patients when and where you want. We want you to take time off to enjoy your hobbies and family. We want you to do your notes from the beach or local park. We are here to make sure you spend time doing what makes you happy!
  • Set Your Own Hours & Rate
    • You can set your schedule however you deem best for your lifestyle. If you want to stay home with the kiddos and see 10 patients a week, we support you! If you want to put your hustle hat on and work 40 hours a week, we’ll be here cheering you on!
  • Earn More Money
    • We have always believed that if we pay the best, we will attract the best. Therefore, MovementX aims to have the best compensated physical therapist in the industry. We aim for providers to make at least $50k when treating 10 sessions/week and at least $100k when treating 20 sessions/week. Both are easily achieved in the compensation model we utilize.
  • Feel Supported as You Grow
    • Not sure if there’s a market for your skills or a demand for your services? (Hint…there is!) But we understand getting started can be scary. You can dip a toe into this new model of care with very little risk and we will be here by your side to foster your success.