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About the Author: Peter Nguyen, PT, DPT

Dr. Peter Nguyen, PT, DPT is a physical therapist, fitness instructor, and health consultant with MovementX in Orange County, CA.

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How Can Working With a Physical Therapist Help Long COVID or PASC?

Complications from PASC can persist for months or even years if left untreated. These effects impose physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges on individuals and their families. Physical therapy plays a critical role in helping those with long COVID recover and restore their prior level of function and quality of life.

At MovementX, our team of nationwide physical therapists is striving to provide safe, convenient, and effective physical rehabilitation services for those experiencing long COVID symptoms. After an individualized assessment of your symptoms, goals, and health history, here are the many research-backed treatment methods you may work on with your physical therapist…

  • Designing a gradually-paced exercise training and conditioning program
  • Breathing retraining and assisted diaphragmatic breathing
  • Posture assessment and correction
  • Manual therapy to mobilize your spine and ribs
  • Balance training and body awareness
  • Soft tissue mobilization of tight musculature in the neck and shoulder girdle
  • Manual lymph drainage and taping
  • Improve functional strength capacity for your everyday activities

What are the Benefits of In-Home PT?

Like with other long-term conditions with neurological considerations, patients with PASC may find the most comfortable place to start physical therapy care is right in their own home.

Patients with poor lung capacity and low activity tolerance may find it difficult to travel to an outpatient clinic. By meeting you at your home, mobile physical therapists at MovementX can provide a more convenient, accessible, and more personalized rehab experience. With flexible scheduling and the option to continue virtually, this style of care can ultimately reach people who would otherwise be unable to receive rehabilitative treatment.

How can I start In-Home Physical Therapy for PASC?

First, we recommend making a list of all of your lingering symptoms, including their severity, and scheduling an appointment with your physician. They will be able to help you obtain the best resources to treat your PASC symptoms, including recommending physical therapist services.

There are many types of physical therapy specialists you may choose from, including cardiopulmonary PT specialists to address long-term breathing issues and neurologic PT specialists for vertigo, brain fog, and headache treatment.

If you have questions or are ready to begin physical therapy treatment at home today, give us a call or request a session today. Our team of PT specialists offer both in-person and virtual physical therapy services to help you along your road to recovery after COVID.

About the Author

Dr. Peter Nguyen Physical Therapist with MovementX in Orange County, CA

Dr. Peter Nguyen is a physical therapist, fitness instructor, and health consultant with MovementX in Orange County, CA. He specializes in the treatment of headaches and migraines, rehabilitation after a stroke, and the management of chronic pain. Peter Nguyen also enjoys helping older adults stay strong and healthy. He also serves as a health equity advocate ensuring quality care is delivered to underserved populations in the community.

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