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About the Author: Dave Smith, PT, DPT

Dr. Dave Smith, PT, DPT is a physical therapist with MovementX in Northern Virginia.

MovementX Busts 4 Physical Therapy Myths

Do you associate physical therapy (PT) with some of these common myths? Let’s take a deeper dive, grab a hammer, and bust some of these misconceptions!

MovementX is not your grandpappy’s PT model. Our group was built with the core focus on empowered providers, empowered patients, and reimagining PT as we have come to know it. Physical Therapists (PTs) all want to do their best to get their patients moving and living their fullest life. The outdated model usually leads to PTs getting overbooked, burnt-out, and wondering where it all went wrong.

Burned-out PTs are less likely to have the emotional energy available to make the therapeutic alliance necessary for their patients to get the absolute best care they deserve. At MovementX, our PTs are put in an environment to thrive. This allows us to provide you with the best physical therapy experience!

If you’re new to us, then you may believe some myths about PT. We’re here to put them to bed.


Myth 1: “I can’t get in-home physical therapy”

Not so fast! At MovementX, we think beyond the clinic walls and meet you where you are. Be it at-home in your basement, your garage, or your backyard. We can even work with you at your Crossfit gym, your dance studio, or your office to name a few.

Any barrier to treatment could lead people to not complete their course of PT, not meet their movement goals, or perhaps never seek valuable PT treatment to begin with. According to this study, common barriers to successful patient outcomes for PT include: convenience, transportation issues, lack of time, and forgetting.

What could be more convenient than staying right where you are while our PTs come to you? This saves you time and transportation concerns. With MovementX, you’re not just a number or a slot on the schedule. We develop a genuine relationship with our patients. This open line of communication will allow you to feel how much we care about you and help you feel the value in each session. This means you are less likely to forget an appointment like you might at a PT mill across town. We’re in the business of breaking down barriers to ensure you get the best care possible!


A MovementX provider giving a patient treatment on a treatment table in their living room.


Myth 2: “Physical therapy is only for people who are hurt”

MovementX offers “Optimize” sessions for folks who might be completely pain-free! If you are looking to perform at a higher capacity, be more resilient to injury, or simply to make your body move better, then we are here for you. Whether it’s digging deeper into your pigeon pose, working on your running mechanics, or feeling more confident picking up your grandchild, Optimize sessions can get you to your goal!

If you are hurting, MovementX PTs are experts in diminishing your symptoms and improving your strength, stability, and mobility. If this is you, then you can choose our “Restore” sessions.

Once you’re feeling more like yourself and want to see if you can be better than before, then you can transition to our “Optimize” sessions.


Myth 3: “I need a referral from my doctor before I can get physical therapy”

Actually, MovementX PTs have what’s called “direct access” in all 50 states! This means we can see you sooner and help you feel better faster.

You don’t have to do the old song and dance: schedule an appointment with your primary care physician, then wait for an appointment with an orthopedist, then wait for an MRI, then schedule physical therapy that might take weeks or months to even get on the books.

At MovementX we can see you quickly. During our first appointment, we will get to know you better, evaluate your symptoms and movement issues, then work with you to develop a plan of care that can get you back on your feet.


A MovementX physical therapist doing a manual manipulation on a treatment table in the common area of a patient's home.


Myth 4: “My insurance will not cover physical therapy”

Truth is, most major insurance plans cover physical therapy. This includes out-of-network PT, like MovementX!

This piggy backs on the previous myth, most insurance plans do not require a referral for physical therapy, either. If you want to learn more about MovementX and insurance, we’ve got you covered here.

Trust us, we know insurance can get messy and complicated. We aim to be transparent and do our best to minimize the burden of dealing with all the red tape.

If you’re interested, you can fill out our Insurance Verification Form and our insurance team will let you know your physical therapy benefit coverage. This way you can know exactly what costs to expect before your first session! Still have more questions? Send us an email: .



Are you ready to experience physical therapy the way it was meant to be? Let’s recap:

  • At MovementX you can get an expertly trained physical therapist in your home
  • MovementX offers “Optimize” sessions even if you are not in pain
  • You do not need a referral for physical therapy with MovementX
  • Most insurance plans cover out-of-network physical therapy

As they say, knowledge is power. Armed with this knowledge, you have the power to take that first step towards achieving your movement goals! Click here to book your first session with MovementX today.



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Dr. Keaton Ray Physical Therapist with MovementX in Arlington, VA

Dr. Dave Smith is a physical therapist with MovementX in Northern Virginia. He is a Board Certified Specialist in Orthopedics, a certified provider of dry needling services, and is passionate about serving the older adult population. Dave Smith is especially skilled in pain science education and manual therapy when helping his patients move their best so they can live their best.

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