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About the Author: Stephanie Weyrauch, PT, DPT

Dr. Stephanie Weyrauch is a physical therapist based in Billings, Montana. She treats in a variety of domains including pelvic floor, birth preparation, orthopedic pain, sports injuries, and neurological conditions.

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5 Reasons to Choose MovementX for Physical Therapy in Billings, Montana

After I gave birth to my daughter, the thought of leaving my house for a doctor’s visit seemed overwhelming. How would I schedule my day around four naps and feedings every 2 hours?

I just had a C-section a week earlier, so I wasn’t even cleared by my physician to drive. My post-operative precautions limited me to lifting 10 pounds. How would I put my daughter’s car seat in the car?

When I got to the pediatrician’s office, I sat waiting for nearly 30 minutes for the doctor. During the appointment, the doctor told me that my daughter wasn’t gaining the weight she needed to and that we would have to come in for weekly weight checks.

I was an overwhelmed new mom who thought, “There has to be an easier, more convenient way to do this…”


Dr. Stephanie Weyrauch, PT, DPT treating a patient in the comfort of their home in the Billings, Montana area.


Now, Picture This…

  • Your living room transforms into your personal clinic.
  • Your office becomes a healing space during lunch breaks.
  • Your gym sessions get an added boost with on-the-spot treatments.

At MovementX, we understand that life is busy, and finding time for your well-being can be challenging. That’s why we bring our services directly to you, transforming your everyday spaces into your personal clinic.

Whether you’re at home with a napping child, in the office during lunch break, hitting the gym, or enjoying the outdoors, our team is there, providing you with the care you need on your terms.

We’re not just physical therapists; we’re your partners in recovery, offering convenience that goes beyond the confines of a traditional clinic. Discover the freedom of personalized care without the hassle—because at MovementX, your time and recovery matter.

Here are 5 things that will make your care experience unique when looking for a physical therapist in Billings, Montana:


1. Convenience

At MovementX, we come directly to YOU, saving you time and money! We turn your living room, office space, gym, running trail, or backyard into your own personal clinic.

  • Have a napping kiddo at home? We can treat you during naptime.
  • Can’t find childcare? We come to your home and treat you while your children play in their own environment.
  • Don’t want to take PTO for your appointment? We can come to your office and treat you during lunch break.
  • Want to enhance your gym workouts? We can also come to your gym and do our treatment session there.

We also provide telehealth services to offer convenient options further to maximize your recovery. Being treated at home or in a familiar environment allows us to assess and address specific challenges related to that setting, leading to more targeted interventions to help maximize your function and recovery.

We travel to all areas of Billings, Montana (including Downtown, the Heights, Rimrock, Southwest Corridor, and West End) as well as the surrounding areas (Hesper, Laurel, Lockwood), so you don’t have to worry about battling traffic or planning your day around your appointment.


Dr. Stephanie Weyrauch, PT, DPT consulting with a physical therapy patient for their plan of treatment in the Billings, Montana area.


2. Personalized Experience with Individualized Attention

We intentionally work with fewer clients than traditional physical therapy clinics, allowing us to dedicate more time and attention to each individual’s needs and goals. We see each client one-on-one for at least 60 minutes at your chosen location.

Your initial visit is 90 minutes in length. It involves a detailed history and a whole-body movement-based examination so we can identify the underlying causes of the issues you want to address. We consider not just your pain problem but also your mindset and social situation to treat YOU the whole person—not just a body part.

Our goal is to help you understand the ‘why’ behind your condition to empower your healing, prevent future problems from occurring, and get you back to doing the things you love. This results in more personalized and tailored treatment plans which helps us work towards your individual goals and achieve improved therapy outcomes compared to traditional physical therapy.


3. Reduced Wait Time

In Billings, the current wait for a pelvic health physical therapist is three months or longer. At MovementX, we will see you as soon as 24 hours after you contact us. Our smaller client base allows us to offer more flexible scheduling.

Being an out-of-network physical therapy provider who does not directly participate with insurance companies enables us to provide faster service, more individualized care, and attention based on your unique needs.


4. Continuity of Care

With fewer clients, we maintain a more consistent and ongoing relationship with our clients compared to traditional physical therapy settings. We offer maintenance programs and health and wellness coaching to optimize your health and meet your goals.

We also have strong relationships with other healthcare providers in the community, allowing us to ensure continuity of care and collaboration with your medical team, contributing to better outcomes for our clients.


Dr. Stephanie Weyrauch, PT, DPT standing center frame in a gym, ready to treat patients in the Billings, Montana area.


5. Personalized Access to Your Physical Therapist in Billings

As a client of MovementX, you will have direct access to your physical therapist outside of scheduled sessions, facilitating better communication and quicker responses to questions or concerns.

We believe in a robust provider-client collaboration to maximize your ability to achieve your goals. This ongoing collaboration and support contribute to a more proactive and involved approach to your rehabilitation.



At MovementX, we’re not just revolutionizing physical therapy; we’re redefining your journey to recovery. Our commitment to convenience, personalized attention, reduced wait times, continuity of care, and direct access to your therapist sets us apart from the rest.

We believe in empowering you with the tools and support needed for a proactive and involved rehabilitation experience. Don’t settle for a lengthy wait or a generic approach to your health – choose MovementX, where your well-being is our priority. Contact us today to experience a new level of personalized care.

Let’s embark on a journey to maximize your function, recovery, and overall health. Your path to a better, more convenient, and effective therapy starts with MovementX.

About the Author

Stephanie Weyrauch Physical Therapist

Dr. Stephanie Weyrauch is a physical therapist based in Billings, MT and licensed in Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Connecticut. Stephanie Weyrauch treats in a variety of domains including pelvic floor, birth preparation, orthopedic pain, sports injuries, and neurological conditions. She loves bringing specialty care to those who need it and treating the whole person, not just a body part.

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