What do you do to support clinical growth?

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We do our best to supplement clinical growth with clinical rounds, asynchronous patient case discussions, and ongoing sharing of evidence based practice as a company. We challenge our providers to be lifelong learners (in the spirit of one of our core values, kaizen!). 

Is MovementX a cash based physical therapy company?

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We founded MovementX with a belief in transparency, autonomy, and trust, and have found that out of network PT enables us to practice at the top of our licenses. That being said, engaging with insurance companies helps to eliminate barriers to patient access and helps us reach larger […]

Are there productivity requirements?

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No way! MovementX will never set productivity requirements for its providers. We believe that empowered providers empower their patients. Individual goals and metrics are set based on the individual providers’ goals and how those goals help to drive MovementX forward.

Does MovementX provide benefits?

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Not at this time. Unfortunately, health insurance companies currently do not offer plans to cover Independent Contractors. As the regulatory landscape evolves, we are keeping a close eye on the changes. It is our sincere hope that we will be able to partner with organizations to align affordable benefits for […]

Are providers employees or independent contractors?

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MovementX providers are independent contractors. Being an independent contractor is viewed as being self employed by the government. 

The benefits of being an Independent Contractor

➔ Enjoy the autonomy
We will never tell you where to be or what to do. When we decide to collaborate with […]

What type of patients are seen?

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MovementX providers see a wide variety of clientele. If you know someone who is looking to move their best so they can live their best, then they are a fit for MovementX. We have physical therapists who specialize in orthopedics, sports, neurological conditions, women’s and pelvic health, vestibular conditions, fitness […]

How long does it take to start?

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Once accepted as a MovementX provider you are able to start immediately. The platform and community are designed to quickly onboard and integrate providers to allow you to provide care to help people move their best. The more people moving and living their best, the closer we come […]

What does the application process look like?

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MovementX is always looking for highly motivated, empowered physical therapists and personal trainers who are looking to make an impact on the profession and help heal the world through movement. At this time we are looking for providers who have the “all-in” mindset. These are PTs and personal […]

How much experience do I need?

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We do not have a specific experience requirement to apply to MovementX and have clinicians of all experience levels. If you are a provider hungry to go above and beyond for your patients who can develop deep community connections and wants to grow beyond a clinic, we encourage […]

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