What do you do to support clinical growth?

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We do our best to supplement clinical growth with clinical rounds, asynchronous patient case discussions, and ongoing sharing of evidence based practice as a company. We challenge our providers to be lifelong learners (in the spirit of one of our core values, kaizen!). 

Is MovementX a cash based physical therapy company?

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We founded MovementX with a belief in transparency, autonomy, and trust, and have found that out of network PT enables us to practice at the top of our licenses. That being said, engaging with insurance companies helps to eliminate barriers to patient access and helps us reach larger […]

How do I get patients?

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Our goal is make sure that you reach your goals, whatever they may be. Marketing and patient acquisition is a highly important component of being successful in this model. We expect our providers to lean heavily into marketing and help us help you build your caseload. One thing is for […]

What is the typical caseload?

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Typical caseload depends on the goals of the individual MovementX provider. We never dictate how many clients a provider sees. Providers that choose to utilize MovementX as their full-time equivalent income see between 20-25 sessions per week; providers that see a part-time equivalent caseload with MovementX see between […]

What does the application process look like?

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MovementX is always looking for highly motivated, empowered physical therapists and personal trainers who are looking to make an impact on the profession and help heal the world through movement. At this time we are looking for providers who have the “all-in” mindset. These are PTs and personal […]

How much experience do I need?

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We do not have a specific experience requirement to apply to MovementX and have clinicians of all experience levels. If you are a provider hungry to go above and beyond for your patients who can develop deep community connections and wants to grow beyond a clinic, we encourage […]

Who is a part of the MovementX community?

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Above all else, the most unique value add of MovementX is our community of empowered providers. Our community consists of extremely passionate PTs who are connecting over and innovating within business strategy, clinical care, legislative efforts, marketing, con-ed, and so much more. Even though we are located all across the […]

How do you structure provider payment?

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Because all of our providers offer services in different parts of the country and have various specialties, we allow all providers to set their own hourly rate. We will work extensively with you to make sure that rate is competitive in your market and sustainable for your financial goals. MovementX […]

Where are providers located?

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Our primary physical therapy markets are located in Washington, D.C. and Portland, Oregon. MovementX has many additional locations across the US and has the capacity to grow wherever care is needed. We make provider acceptance decisions based on the strength of the providers in a certain location, the […]

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