MovementX providers are independent contractors. Being an independent contractor is viewed as being self employed by the government. 

The benefits of being an Independent Contractor

➔ Enjoy the autonomy
We will never tell you where to be or what to do. When we decide to collaborate with you, we do so because we know you are at the top of your game and that you encompass the growth mindset! We trust you with the freedom to treat patients when and where you want. We want you to take time off to enjoy your hobbies and family. We want you to do your notes from the beach or local park. We are here to make sure you spend time doing what makes you most happy!

➔ Set your own hours
You can set your schedule however you deem best for your lifestyle. If you want to stay home with the kiddos and see 1 patient a week, we support you! If you want to put your hustle hat on and work 40 hours a week, we’ll be here cheering you on!

➔ Earn more money
Being a contractor means you get paid for every hour of work you do. It also means MovementX can afford to pay you much higher than the standard market rate.

➔ Deduct work expenses
You can save money on taxes by deducting any and all work related expenses. This includes your equipment, gas mileage, cell phone, laptop, home office, and so much more! If you do a good job of tracking deductions, you’ll pay less in taxes than you would if you were an employee at a clinic.

➔ Get paid immediately
You don’t have to wait for a monthly payroll deposit. As soon as you see a patient, you will receive payment within 1-2 days!

➔ Feel supported as you grow
Not sure if there’s a market for your skills or a demand for your services? (Hint…there is!) But we understand getting started can be scary. You can dip a toe into this new model of care with very little risk and we will be here by your side to foster your success.