What do you do to support clinical growth?

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We do our best to supplement clinical growth with clinical rounds, asynchronous patient case discussions, and ongoing sharing of evidence based practice as a company. We challenge our providers to be lifelong learners (in the spirit of one of our core values, kaizen!). 

Does MovementX accept Medicare Beneficiaries?

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MovementX is considered “non-enrolled” in Medicare, which means we have no relationship or contract with Medicare.  While third party Medicare Advantage plans do have out of network coverage, traditional Medicare Part B and Medicare Supplemental plans do not. This means that we do not bill and our clients cannot […]

Is MovementX a cash based physical therapy company?

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We founded MovementX with a belief in transparency, autonomy, and trust, and have found that out of network PT enables us to practice at the top of our licenses. That being said, engaging with insurance companies helps to eliminate barriers to patient access and helps us reach larger […]


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We love educating and inspiring future generations of physical therapists. Our company often speaks at elementary, middle, and high schools about the importance of healthy movement. We also frequently speak at universities and graduate schools about exciting careers in physical therapy.

Senior Care Facilities

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Now more than ever, seniors must maintain their health, function, and independence without compromising their safety. Our physical therapists follow CDC guidelines and work with caregivers, nurses, and loved ones to help patients optimize balance, prevent falls, and ensure safe transfers.

Housing Communities

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A lot of our patients live in apartment or condominium buildings, where word of mouth travels fast! Onsite physical therapy can quickly become a building’s most talked about amenity. We also work with real estate groups and property management companies to ensure residents have access to great care.

Corporate Wellness

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A healthy workforce equals a healthy bottom line. Our corporate physical therapy partners enjoy onsite ergonomic evaluations, posture seminars, maternity and post-partum recovery, and injury screenings to help keep employees working their best. Wellness rooms or downstairs gyms can easily be turned into your own onsite PT clinic.


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After a long day of travel, lifting heavy luggage, or walking around town, hotel guests can oftentimes experience acute pain. With nowhere else to go, onsite and on-call physical therapy at your hotel can be exactly what your guests need to feel better and enjoy their travel experience.

Physician Groups

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It’s important to send your patients to people who care. MovementX is proud to accept referrals from various physician groups and orthopedic practices and offer patients the best care experience possible. We strive for frequent communication to ensure seamless continuity of care.

Gyms and Fitness Studios

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Healthy movement takes a team. Our physical therapists frequently work with local gyms and fitness studios to help their members stay healthy and avoid hassling with the healthcare system when dealing with injuries or nagging pain. Onsite services can dramatically increase member retention. 

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