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3 Inspiring Small Business Stories On How to Survive During Covid-19

“The initial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and shutdown was a dramatic drop in business. As people went into lock-down, it became apparent that physical distancing was going to have an enormous impact on how we serve our clients. To survive, MovementX knew we had to prioritize finding alternative ways to provide high-quality and safe care in this new environment.” Dr. Fred Gilbert, Chief People Officer at MovementX…read more.

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Here’s Exactly What You Need to be Successful Working From Home

The human body was designed to move, but desk jobs have forced our bodies into a more sedentary lifestyle. “Even if you have a great ergonomic setup and maintain the perfect posture your grandma taught you, you’ll eventually develop aches and pains if your body isn’t consistently moving,” says Dr. Keaton Ray, co-founder of MovementX, who has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist…read more.

9 Things Your Chest Pains Could Mean

Chest pain can be particularly alarming since it could signify an issue with your heart. Though chest pain isn’t always caused by a serious medical problem. Costochondritis usually resolves on its own after a few weeks but it can sometimes last for several months or more. “Given you stop the primary aggravating factor and take good care of yourself, the prognosis for recovery is very good with little intervention,” Dr. Keaton Ray, physical therapist and orthopedic specialist, told INSIDER…read more.

Women's Health and MovementX: How to do jumping jacks the right way.

How To Do Jumping Jacks The Right Way

“Jumping jacks target the cardiovascular system, yet are safe and approachable, even for beginners,” says Dr. Keaton Ray, physical therapist, CSCS, trainer and co-founder of MovementX physical therapy in Portland, OR. The real workers here are your calves and ankles—they’re taking the primary load as they propel your body up and down, and stabilize your legs in the process, Ray says. “It’s a lot of force for these relatively small muscles, so be prepared to be a little sore the next day,” she adds…read more.

This At-Home Butt and Abs Workout For Women Uses Only a Resistance Band

Whether you’re hoping to get a derrière like Beyoncé or simply know how important it is to sculpt, glute work can be super demanding. Physical therapist and athletic trainer Dr. Keaton Ray has the at-home glute and ab workout for women that’ll offer up that hurts-so-good burn. This series of body-weight activation exercises targets the primary butt and core muscle groups to increase stability and strength. All you need? A resistance band and an exercise mat…read more.

Have Back Pain? Researchers Say Video Games Can Help.

Lower back pain is the most debilitating musculoskeletal condition around the world, with more than 80 percent of Americans experiencing it at some point in their lives. It’s costly too: In the United States alone, costs related to the condition exceed $100 billion a year. Dr. Keaton Ray attributes the condition and costs to a sedentary society, discordant treatment options, and an inefficient healthcare system…read more.

Providing Onsite Physical Therapy Services

Not too long ago, physical therapists (PTs) largely were constrained to their workplace—their practice, clinic, or hospital. Today’s PT has evolved, taking the action outside the designated physical therapy “office” and bringing care to patients wherever they may be. “We use precision care to deliver high-quality services,” explains Dr. Josh D’Angelo.” We are able to treat them in their home, analyze their ergonomics, and recommend changes…read more.

This Type of Muscle Tear Will Poison Your Kidneys

“Rhabdomyolysis occurs when muscles get severely damaged and leak their proteins into the bloodstream,” explains emergency room physician Dr. Kimberly Brown. For parents who may manage their postpartum depression or their mental health in general with the help of medication and exercise, that’s no reason to refrain from either healthy coping skills. However, it is a good reason to not push too hard, physical therapist and athletic trainer Dr. Keaton Ray warns…read more.

Stay-at-Home Health Tips for Seniors

Senior fitness experts like Dr. Scott McAfee of MovementX suggest at least 30 minutes of outdoor walking for healthy seniors. McAfee acknowledges both the physical and mental benefits of a short stroll. “Getting outdoors, soaking up some sunshine, and saying hello to neighbors,” he says, “can give both your mind and body the boost they need.” He reminds seniors that they should keep a safe, six-foot distance between themselves and others while walking…read more.

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The Key to Aging in Place? Keep Moving, Experts Advise.

Staying mobile is the key to independence as you age. To help, Northern Virginia Family Practice Associates, a concierge family medicine practice, partnered with physical therapists at MovementX to develop an innovative eight-class series in fundamental movements aimed at building strength and preventing injury. “Every session is aimed at helping participants feel stronger, more independent and more knowledgeable about how exercise can benefit them,” explains Dr. Josh D’Angeloread more.

5 Backpacks That Will Let You Run to Work

The anti theft backpack is safe and practical with a good, and it includes a spacious area look and good condition. The bag operate is incredibly powerful and continues to be within the method of exploration. the inside area is incredibly massive and may hold several things. The practical sectionalism style of sandwich and tiny package is incredibly affordable. However, luggage can not be inserted within the bags pole, not appropriate for carrying an excess amount of serious things. The Nathan Firestorm 5L Race Vest was recommended by Dr. Scott McAfeeread more.

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