Senior Care Facilities

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Now more than ever, seniors must maintain their health, function, and independence without compromising their safety. Our physical therapists follow CDC guidelines and work with caregivers, nurses, and loved ones to help patients optimize balance, prevent falls, and ensure safe transfers.

Corporate Wellness

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A healthy workforce equals a healthy bottom line. Our corporate physical therapy partners enjoy onsite ergonomic evaluations, posture seminars, maternity and post-partum recovery, and injury screenings to help keep employees working their best. Wellness rooms or downstairs gyms can easily be turned into your own onsite PT clinic.

Physician Groups

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It’s important to send your patients to people who care. MovementX is proud to accept referrals from various physician groups and orthopedic practices and offer patients the best care experience possible. We strive for frequent communication to ensure seamless continuity of care.

Community Events and Fairs

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We love helping our communities move healthier. MovementX providers are experts in their fields of specialty and can offer a variety of onsite services, seminars, and more. Whether it’s a wellness fair, local 5K race, or health education day, we’d be happy to help make your community event […]

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