Does MovementX accept Medicare Beneficiaries?

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MovementX is considered “non-enrolled” in Medicare, which means we have no relationship or contract with Medicare.  While third party Medicare Advantage plans do have out of network coverage, traditional Medicare Part B and Medicare Supplemental plans do not. This means that we do not bill and our clients cannot submit [...]

Do you work with insurance?

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You can use your out of network insurance coverage to reimburse for services incurred with MovementX! Being out of network allows for our mobile model and gives us the freedom to craft a treatment plan based entirely on your needs. Ways that MovementX works to help alleviate financial burden:  We [...]

What are your rates?

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One of our primary goals is to increase cost transparency in healthcare. Rather than unpredictable and confusing pricing or receiving bills in the mail months later, each physical therapist has a set hourly rate which varies slightly by region of the contry and specialty, but ranges between $150-$200 per hour. [...]

How do I submit to insurance? 

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As soon as your session is processed by your physical therapist, your card on file will be charged and you will receive a link to your session receipt via email. You can also access your receipts by logging into your patient dashboard and clicking “sessions” in the upper right hand [...]

Who are your Physical Therapists?

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Our providers are a diverse group of dreamers and doers, busy professionals and stay at home moms. They are fitness junkies and data geeks. But what do they all have in common? All our providers were tired of the care they could provide in the clinic and joined our team [...]

Are sessions one-on-one?

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We've all heard the horror stories of physicians burried with their heads in their laptops or patients only seeing their PT every few visits.  Our sessions are more than one on one...they are lazer focused on the only thing that matters. You! We never hand off your care to aids [...]

What is Physical Therapy?

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Physical therapy, also known as “physiotherapy,” has its roots in World War I when soldiers returning from war required rehabilitation after serious injury. Since this time, the profession has evolved to a post-graduate Doctoral degree offered by University Medical Schools. Today, physical therapists have evolved our expertise past traditional [...]

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