Practicing Physical Therapy in the Gig Economy

Practicing Physical Therapy in the Gig Economy

MovementX is changing how physical therapists can leverage their license, skillset, and passion for helping people move at their best.

We like to think beyond the clinic—past the administrative burden, long hours of documentation, and traditional career pathways of ownership or professorship.

Now more than ever, innovative ways of physical therapy practice are emerging to improve the quality of life on both sides of the treatment table—for patients and providers alike.

Check out this article from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) featuring many ways that physical therapists can practice with more autonomy, flexibility, stability, and community impact than ever.

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Dr. Keaton Ray Physical Therapist with MovementX in Portland, OR

Dr. Keaton Ray is a physical therapist in Portland, OR and Chief Operations Officer at MovementX. She is a Board Certified Specialist in Orthopedics, a spine specialist, and a certified strength and conditioning coach. Keaton Ray utilizes a combination of strength training and hands-on manual therapy to help her patients move their best so they can live their best. She loves helping people learn how to walk again, train for a marathon, and everything in between.

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