Our Vision: 100 Thrive in ’25

100 Thrive in ‘25

Our Vision of Greatness

It’s 5pm EST on Tuesday, December 12th 2025, when an email appears in the inbox of everyone at MovementX. Suddenly, celebrations commence. Virtual confetti is thrown. Congratulatory emails are sent. GIFs are shared on slack. Meals are ordered, and drinks start flowing.

It’s official. MovementX has achieved its goal of 100 Thrive in ‘25. While the physical therapy industry still has its challenges, MX is a shining example of what can be achieved when values-driven individuals unite. An oasis of positivity, a glimmer of hope. And everyone who comes into contact with MX can palpate it.

MovementX claims to be the best place to work in the PT Industry and it now has the data, stories, and awards to prove it. It has been recognized as one of Inc Magazine’s Best Places to Work, and promotes steady streams of employee testimonials about rediscovering their passion and delivering the highest quality care of their career. The old feelings of burnout and frustration in a traditional clinic have evaporated, giving way to reinvigorated providers in a passionate and purposeful community.

The MX Ecosystem at large is well organized and growing, with mobile care as the bread and butter and beautifully branded Partner Locations strategically placed (aka, the MX ‘Hub & Spoke’ Model). Each week, you see patients leaving a steady stream of reviews. They make big claims:

“Not only am I back to running without pain, I’m planning to do a marathon!”

“I can hold my baby and snuggle her without radiating back pain.”

“I can now keep up with my grandkids!”

“This was the best physical therapy experience I ever had”

The marketing team’s job is easy; they celebrate each 11-star moment, turning patients’ achievements into inspirational stories, showcasing how Movement Matters. The flywheel is spinning fast, as the marketing team’s robust efforts lead to a plethora of patient leads being consistently sent to providers.

MovementX’s model is expanding, with teams operating across six different cities. Each team is self-managing, using MovementX structure and best practices, and adapting them to impact their local community. MX teams have financial flexibility, and with profit sharing plans and financial transparency, they know they can devote funds to expand and deepen their local impact in ways that align with their needs.

MX Providers are confident their quality of life is sustainable and finances are stable. New providers feel optimistic they will grow quickly, with clarity on the skills they need to develop; Veteran providers feel confident and have numerous career climbing wall opportunities: caseload coaching, clinical coaching, clinical specialization, product development, and provider pipeline building. Continuing education is getting off the ground as well—while MX has set up opportunities for con-ed in the past, they are now moving to offer their own MX branded classes internally and to the world.

The expert care providers deliver is supported by the MX Platform, which encompasses the full patient journey. From communication with a new lead, to fostering and scheduling them, to streamlined home exercise programs, to automated follow up months after care is completed, the entire platform is seamless, simple, and easy to use. Work that previously took providers hours now only takes them minutes, empowering them with the greatest gift of all: more time to move their own bodies, spend with their families, and live their best lives.

Technology discussions now center around how we can leverage our software to improve quality of care and community health. With a full software development team, engineers fix bugs within minutes; new features are deployed within days, and each member of the community feels a stake in the success of the platform, evidenced by a steady stream of suggestions and gratitude coming in on Slack. MX is on the cutting edge of technology, with its first AI features implemented to further offload providers from administrative responsibilities and improve quality of care.

The stories providers most often tell are that they are “making more money than they ever have before,” take more vacation time, are able to purchase their dream homes, and can easily access a full suite of benefits, all while making an impact and delivering empathetic patient care. MovementX is known as an innovator with creative support for its team, including 3 unique funds to catalyze the community:

  1. An MX sick fund providers can tap into to replace lost revenue
  2. A provider recognition fund that highlights providers going above and beyond for their patients [providers recognized by patients and teammates]
  3. A patient appreciation fund that grants opportunities for providers to recognize their patient’s commitment to their rehabilitation [patients recognized by their providers].

MXers not only feel a passionate sense of ownership of MovementX, they do own part of the company, as shareholders, with stock options and investment opportunities.

While the team is excited to reach its goal today, they are even more excited for their first ever annual retreat- scheduled in March 2026, held in Hawaii, where the community will unite for 3-4 days of purposeful growth and development, along with playing in the sand and basking in the sun, complete with hiking, surfing, birding, and plenty of time to, as Hawaiians say, ‘talk story.’

Perhaps best of all, the community feels more united and stronger than ever. MX is recognized as an industry leader in its approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion. MX provider demographics are closer than ever to being representative of the communities they serve, while they are building a pipeline of qualified providers of minoritized backgrounds through their work in 5 local high schools. Local communities are healthier, moving better, and living better because of MovementX’s presence.

Slack, social media, and internal newsletters give providers a place to find any and all resources they need, and are a place any provider who is struggling turns towards to find help or start an improvement (kaizen) process. Internal communications teem with inspiring stories of MovementX providers living their best lives, representing all 5 domains of health. If you scroll through the #gratitude channel on Slack over the past month, you’ll see pictures of providers treating patients on the beach in Orange County, atop a trail in Shenandoah, backstage at Rockstar concerts, on the sidelines at the local community high school in Seattle, and in a Park in Portland. You’ll see pictures of providers enjoying time with friends and family, the autonomy to take a summer vacation to Europe, and new babies wearing MX onesies.

Across the country, there are conversations among old classmates and coworkers saying, “have you heard about MovementX? My former coworker teamed up with them and says it’s changed her life and made her enjoy being a PT again”. That chatter is only getting louder as plans are in motion for the first MX City Headquarters, with office, treatment, and gym space for the team. Amongst the mockups getting MXers particularly excited, are designs of the Provider Milestone and Provider Journey walls, which will soon be physical floor to ceiling walls celebrating the names and faces of providers who have deeply impacted the company; of the first 100 who are thriving and reaching MovementX’s mission to move their best, so they can live their best. And the best part, is that everyone knows, this is only just the beginning.


This shared vision was crafted over a 3 month period in 2023 with collaborative input and revisions from various stakeholders in the MovementX community.

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