It starts with our name.

Movement impacts everything from the way we think to the way we walk.

X stands for the future we hope to create, one that finds the intersection between your best movement and best life.

We are here to help make that future possible, to help you live a healthy lifestyle through movement.

The MX Way

We believe healthcare should be simple, efficient, flexible, and precise. Thats why we are doing our best to make your experience as seamless and transparent as possible. We hold ourselves to the highest standards with your care and are always focused on how to create the best experience for you - we call it the MX Way.

Quality over Quantity, Precision over Generalization. Healthcare is about caring for your health, not about productivity and cost. We provide direct, one-on-one care precisely tailored to you and take as much time with you as we need.
Simplicity and Transparency. Prior to confirming your session, you will know who you are seeing (including their background and specialties), where you will be seeing them, and how much your session will cost. Once you confirm, the rest is on us.
Family. It’s one of our favorite words. We care for every patient like they are our mother, grandmother, or brother - with compassion, empathy, and love. As soon as you sign up for MX, you’re part of our family.

Our Beliefs

At MovementX, our beliefs are inherent to all that we do. It’s why we came together to build something better - for each other, for our providers, and for our patients.

We believe in the transformative power of movement
Movement helps us think clearer, feel better, and do the things that we love. Whether that means carrying your grandchild without pain or hiking Mount Kilimanjaro - we want to help you achieve your goals and we have the tools to do so.
We believe in empowering providers
When providers are given the tools and resources to innovate and succeed, they will provide the highest quality of care. When providers are not focused on productivity requirements, cancels and no shows, and abiding by endless regulations, they can make magic happen. We plan to relentlessly support our providers, whether that means mentorship, education, or innovative opportunities to create a more fulfilling career.
We believe in the power of community
When amazing and talented people come together, incredible change can happen. That’s why we have reached out, individually, to each and every one of our providers and are actively inquiring about our patients’ goals. Combining a will to improve with the knowledge to do so sparks transformation.