Keaton Ray, PT, DPT

Milwaukie, OR
Doctor of Physical Therapy


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About Keaton

I am a passionate physical therapist and wellness/fitness specialist in Portland, OR specializing in reducing pain, increasing strength, restoring mobility and balance, and optimizing performance. I've worked with clients across the lifespan from those who have never exercised a day in their lives, to those who are afraid to exercise because of pain, to advanced athletes looking to take their performance to the next level.


Doctor of Physical Therapy
Orthopedic Certified Specialist
Certified Athletic Trainer
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Certified McKenzie Practitioner


Duke University, Doctor of Physical Therapy 2014
University of the Pacific, BS in Athletic Training 2011


Orthopedic and Spine Pain: As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist, and a Certified McKenzie practitioner, I can help you not only take control of your pain, but understand the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Manual therapy: I have received extensive training in a variety of manual therapies such as joint mobilization and manipulation, sports massage, tool-assisted soft tissue work, myofascial release, and kinesio taping.

Fitness Training: With a Bachelors in Exercise Science, a Bachelors in Athletic Training, and a Certification in Strength and Conditioning, I can help you design a sustainable exercise program specific to your body's needs with consideration for previous and current injuries or limitations.

Sports Performance and Injury Prevention: During a comprehensive evaluation, we will determine what might be limiting your athletic performance and putting you at risk of injury. Common impairments include movement pattern dysfunctions, strength deficits, mobility restrictions, decreased power output, and symptoms of overtraining.

Fun Facts

When I'm not busy treating patients, I'm busy co-founding this very company, MovementX! I'm passionate about developing a community of diverse leaders who can come together and make systemic change in our health care system, while providing you the absolute best care possible!

I spent 10 years as a competitive gymnast until ending my career with a broken ankle at the end of my level 9 season. Still in love with the sport, I went on to coach throughout college, taking one young gymnast to the California State Champion title. I have a passion for helping young athletes decrease the incidence of injury, prolong the longevity of their careers, and address movement impairments to aid in optimal athletic performance. I have a unique and personalized skill set that comes with being a competitive gymnast, a coach, an athletic trainer, and a doctor of physical therapy.

Really fun fact: I can light a match with my toes and am allergic to bananas!


Keaton did a fantastic job accomplishing everything I wanted to do in a 60-minute session. She was on time, respectful of my space, and nice to work with. After the session, she went above and beyond to follow-through with advice, recommendations, and tools to keep my body healthy in the future. The value of the session far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend her to anyone seeking PT and/or training advice for any reason.

Joe, Apr 09

Keaton has been helping me with tendinosis in my elbows, first one then the other (I sometimes overdo it in the gym.) She is extremely knowledgeable and a very effective teacher/communicator (I have made steady process by following her instructions). Keaton is also an interesting and all around delightful person. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Alan, Apr 25

I have worked with a lot of physical therapists in the past...none even come close to Keaton! She, and Movementx, are a different level. She really cares about helping you not only heal, but understand how to avoid injury in the future. I’m 5 week’s post-op from my knee replacement, and in such better shape than I thought possible. Highly recommend!

Debra, May 18

Keaton was kind, communicated well and very professional. As a busy professional, I really appreciated the effective and prompt communication. Feeling better already!

Bryce, May 20

Christine, May 31

Keaton is just the best! She's professional, knowledgeable, reliable and best of all - she always solves my issue - no matter what it is. I've had many surgeries and consequential injuries and issues and she has figured out how to solve them all - when no one else could. Thank goodness for Keaton!

sarah, Jun 17

Keaton listens, empathizes, meets me where i am, determines the issue, troubleshoots, gives encouragement and provides hands-on treatment as well as appropriate exercises to help me. When i started with her, i was limping and in pain. Now I move much more freely. Earlier this week, Keaton came to my home. She saw all my equipment and developed a doable exercise routine so i can strengthen without injuring myself (which i have done countless times going it alone). She took videos of me doing the exercises while instructing me. Priceless!! Today was Day 4 of texting her for accountability. Miracle!! (Did i mention i’m 60 years old? I feel better than i have in decades!)

Karla, Jul 02

greg, Jul 12

Jennifer, Jul 17

Keaton quickly and easily identified the cause of my pain, helped create a strategy to resolve it, and gave me self-treatment techniques and education to continue working on it. She was very helpful and accommodating in scheduling and following up as well.

Joe, Aug 02

Keaton is professional, knowledgeable, precise and hands on. I am very pleased with her skills, her delivery and ability to diagnose and treat the physical body.

Rita, Dec 07